Strategic collaboration between Microomics and Paralab

Microomics is moving forward to become the Spanish and European leader provider of metagenomic solutions for microbiome analysis. A novel commercial agreement between Microomics and Paralab  will allow microbiome analysis services by Microomics (bacterial metagenomics 16S, fungal metagenomics ITS, shotgun, transcriptomics and sequencing and analysis of complete bacterial genomes) to be offered within the Paralab Bio network for the first time.

With this partnership, the experience in the biosciences market of Paralab is merged with the innovation of a young company like Microomics. In this way, the latter aims to broad the scope of microbiome services by improving visibility.

The 360° service includes advice on experimental design, nucleic acid extraction, library preparation, sequencing, bioinformatic and statistical analysis, and face to face delivery with discussion of results.

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