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Polymers blends are physical or mechanical mixtures of two or more polymers, analogous to the metal alloys. The purpose of the blend is to enhance or impart additional characteristics to the polymers that best suit the desired application.

The blended polymers can be miscible, immiscible, or partly miscible in certain conditions. Most polymer blends are immiscible or partly miscible and, in this case, the individual polymer characteristics remain. This means that the blends can be separated in their individual polymer constituents.

In this study, an immiscible two-polymer blend was analysed with the purpose of quantifying both polymers. Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) was used for this analysis. Since both polymers have close decomposition temperatures, the quasi-isothermal approach was used to separate both phenomena and allow proper quantification.

The obtained thermogram, shown in the image 1, showcases two mass loss steps. Based on the weight left on the crucible as the result of the pyrolysis (residual mass), mass losses were normalized to 100%, with one polymer being calculated as 87% and the other one as 13%.

The equipment used in this work was an STA 449 Jupiter from Netzsch®. For more information, please click on the brochure.


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