Understanding compaction with USP <1062> and Gamlen Instruments

Haven’t you had a chance to watch our webinar? Now we provide you the entire webinar available to watch when it is most comfortable for you.

Watch the Webinar: Understanding Compaction with USP (1062) and Gamlen Instruments



Discover the science and method behind effective powder compaction analysis

Join us for a revealing webinar packed with invaluable insights into compaction analysis and how it can help you make better tablets. The webinar introduces the science and method of compaction analysis, and will reveal:

  • how compaction data can forewarn of problems in full scale tablet production
  • how compaction data can inform decisions in formulation development
  • the use of the compaction triangle from USP <1062> to understand your compaction data
  • how an evaluation of blend lubrication can be carried out as part of compaction analysis
  • the use of the Gamlen system to generate and understand compaction data

Full of inviable insights for anyone working on tableted formulations – particularly for those of you involved in formulation development and tablet manufacture.